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SEM’ACT is a seminar whose aim is to use information in the service of action. It is part of the desire to share knowledge with the population by facilitating the popularization of scientific data and to create synergies between partners in order to limit the repercussions linked to the insularity of our territories. Besides, by inviting national international and Caribbean experts we also aim to raise awareness among local actors and students.

"We can't predict the future, but we can create the future!"

Through our SEMINAR ACTions (SEM'ACT), we seek to contribute to the improvement of the healthcare offer. In order to do so, we invite national and international specialists to share their knowledge while and promoting regional and Caribbean expertise. "

Better understand pathologies to better manage them.
The SEM'ACT is a new format of meetings which aims to offer a transversal vision of a pathology by involving all the actors concerned.


SEM'ACT is four key moments.
The first meeting is generally addressed to cooperation actors and institutional partners so that they can discuss medical cooperation.
The following meeting is for medical and paramedical professionals. It provides an opportunity to discuss practices, patient care and research work.

In order to discuss patients ‘state of art as well as clinical and therapeutic care, experts (specialists, generalists …) will meet for a two days symposium.

On the last day of the seminar experts, institutional actors, patients, associations, medical and paramedical health professionals share their experiences and expertise with the general public.


To provide a transversal vision of a problem involving all stakeholders, and to build new projects, these are the mission that we have set ourselves.

HMZ_2526-25 octobre 2019-©GuillaumeArici

"We are committed players in favor of a better understanding of pathologies, wishing to improve the offer of care, seeking to promote regional and Caribbean expertise in order to co-construct an efficient project for the benefit of the territories."



A concerted response to common issues in the management of a pathology.


Improve the offer of care, develop relations between the actors of the Caribbean and EUROPE, rely on the studies carried out, enhance the tools of the territory.


Highlight regional expertise and boost health tourism. Promote

regional expertise.


Rely on reciprocal expertise and research on the territories with the aim of setting up an observatory of female disorders and a multidisciplinary carbean scientific committee.


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